Joint Library Update - March 2008

Our joint library project has been actively seeking an acceptable site that would resonate with all involved parties and be acceptable to the citizens of both towns. Since November, everyone seemed to agree that a site in downtown Fanwood would be the most desirable fit for our criteria.

Most recently in meetings with both Mayors it became clear that a site in downtown Fanwood was not available at this time. Further, they agreed that pursuing the option of placing the joint library at the current Scotch Plains site as the sole alternative would be a difficult plan to sell on a number of levels.

Consequently, the Mayors believe that the best course of action is to approach the DCA for an extension of the grant term (currently set to be complete 12/31/08), and as the representative of the lead agency, Colleen Mahr has reached out to the DCA requesting that extension. We await their decision.

The Boards of Trustees and the Directors of both libraries remain committed to the value and spirit of this innovative idea which may still hold great promise for both communities. As always, we are willing to discuss this project with any interest citizen.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our project with you.
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to
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